Monday, 11 April 2011

If the radio breaks...

oh gila sweet!

sambung cerita bergambar diatas*sarcasm type
second episode and probably the last one

girl: its 'broken'

boy: i didnt do anything to the radio yet*he thought of doing it, but yeah never had time to, WTH
*manis mulut type

girl: i heart... its 'broken'

boy: i can fix that, trust me

....then he runaway with that good condition Radio.

*cerita hanya rekaan so that we, ehem.. girls and women out there should not trust those 'manis-manis dari gula' punya cerita, think a bit(atleast) then step your foot on the ground ;)

oh my fav version should be like this
(gatai and gedik version)

girl: if the radio breaks, would you sing for me?

boy: my voice, you know, its kinda awful, really  ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ *he sang some tone, and YES, its really awfull ;p* but if you willing to hear it, i can sing for you for the rest of our life.... *gila romantik ayat

girl: err maybe you shouldnt sing, and we must take a good care of our radio...
*he pissed of

... but he spend his whole life with that girl and of course, with that radio too ;)

*and yes, this is what we call keburukan kepahitan kerealitian yang sweet ;)

oh sweet pulak rasa cerita rekaan saya ini, ha ha ha

**lepas tulis satu skrip cinta, otak pun asyik fikir cintan saja ;p


iffyie said...

like the story too!!!not all love sweet sometimes it needs bitter, salty to make it more harmony...heheheh

kiki said...

betui2...yalah, pelbagai rasa more harmony and more memory :))