Thursday, 24 March 2011

.of dream and believe

Selepas satu sesi mendengar pandangan Dr. Rita,
and yes we do believe that,

terima kasih Dr,
for all your ajaib's advice
;)*big smile

sure we will miss you a lot!
and i will surely miss you ;(
thanks for everything!
thanks for the memories!


p/s: oh about the invitation (the reunion thingy) is still on, and we will mail you the details in few years times ;P


Cik Hawa said...

Kiki buat p/s coz tau Dr akan baca??

Anonymous said...

She says:

--> Cik KiKi: pls don't get mushy unnecessarily, it's time to move on :P

--> Cik Hawa: of course i will, ish ish ish

bye bye

kiki said...

hahahahahha... ;p

Cik Hawa said...

wondering.. jeng jeng jeng... ~ngeee