Sunday, 22 February 2015

The heartache of expectation

I have always reminded myself about the heartache of "expectation", how I must not "expect" anything from anyone, how I should live my life and never allow anyone to easily hurt me, key is to not "expect" anything,

But then this silly heart of mine, always failed (each time). When I love (not that mushy kind of love) I let it ruled my life, too passionated with the emotion and I "expected" people to act like how I acted, to give back the same joy as what I gave them, or what I thought I gave them.

If they don't, it will break my heart.

Perhaps I'm the expressive kind, or worse I'm really not good in the love department, I'm an individualistic jerk who always "expect" even when I know that most loves are not mutual, nor balance, and there is no fair in love. (and life)

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