Saturday, 21 February 2015

The circle of 2

Have you guys encountered this quote before, the one that people love to use as a self defence on why they didn't fight for what they love,

"If you love someone, set them free, if they come back to you, they are yours, if they don't, they never were"

Seriously all wrong! Fight for what you want! On what you believe in! Why simply give up? Don't leave it all to destiny and fate, man jadda wa jadda.

I always thinks that apart from all the serious problems in our world, our biggest problems are two,

1. Scared to voice out our feeling not only on love, be it anything, we afraid to give opinion, we wanna be fake and continue pleasing people or we rather be sad than try and show people what we thinks. We scared to be honest, and we don't want to accept that some truth can hurt us but it also will shaped us into better,

This will lead to problem number 2 which is,

2. Miss communications/miss perceptions

We always assumed about certain things, we ought not to try and clear up all the knots in our brain. We scared to ask why and come clear, we rather living in our own fairy world and judge based on our own perception. We believe on what we want to believe,

This circle of scared to voice things out and miss communications will continue forever unless we try to break the circle.

Nobody can do that but US.
Do not afraid to be you, to voice things out, do it because of Allah, Lillahitaala (For the sake of Him). And dont simply jump to any conclusion before you ask or before you analysed the situation better.

Fight hard on what you believe in, and then, leave it all to Allah. Above all, never expect anything from people, expectation can leads to heartache, leave it all to Allah, He will surely take a good care of our Heart ;) #somethingtoponder #selfreminderformyownsillyself

*Taken from my journal entry last year

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