Saturday, 23 June 2012

Words-searching sickness

err okayyy macam tak tahu apa nak tulis,what words to choose, macam posting pertama dengan hati debar-debar, haha ~ exagerated

eh macam tu ker eja "exagerated", sounds funny, macam salah ;p, semenjak menjadi pekerja, i think that my "word" side of brain less function.

yes i work with number and... people. and of course, people make my work interesting;)


siapa yang teka betul? yes, i'm working at bank, sila gelak, hahaha sampai sekarang  still could'nt remember our current BLR, need to go through some notes again :) (lucky enough nobody ask that question during interview, pheww~)

i must say, i'm sooo lucky, jumpa orang-orang yang amazing dan baik :)

my first job here (which i quit after 1 day~) as operational officer for a travel company under one airways . of course accept the job sambil berangan untuk pergi jalan-jalan, dapat offer pakej murah dekat kawan dan family. turn out yang first day bekerja sangat bosan, they gave me a bunch of company and travel brochure, which i go through for a few times, and my eager side asyik tanya, "anything that i can do?",

"no, its your 1st day siti, maybe in a few days i will teach u how to use our system"~sort like that lah

and that time i felt soooo boring, nak berinternet kat facebook sangat tak sesuai untuk 1st day working, nak text friends mcm awkward, nak baca brochure tu lagi macam nak migrain,

one part is, their toilet tak da paip getah,~okey no laughing please. its not a modern toilet, just a simple toilet but yes, they dont have that "paip getah". tahu tak betapa importantnya paip getah?

i asked my officemates, "where's the toilet?"

she urge me to go to pantry and take some toilet paper which they save there before pergi toilet,  i dont know how they manage to do that everyday(using no paip getah), what if suddenly you want to number two in there? i believe they dont know about prayers, proper istinjak and all, all of them a non muslim i'm their 1st muslim staff,

but of course, its not all that bad, apart all, they accept me, freshly baked from university, with no experience and all, muslim women with hijab~ because, someplace, even small "fashion" shop, they accept only those free hair and i dont know hows its related with you working attitude.

alhamdulillah, they accept me there, none of them a muslim, they open enough to offered me the job, i'm not blaming them about that paip things and all , its merely how my 1st day working, they can easily buy a paip once i voice it out, but i chose to leave as i got better offer.

soo, here i am :)


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