Wednesday, 25 August 2010

.to all ELSers, u guys real hOt!!!

i cant wait for tommorow,
esok adalah hari rainbow yang ajaib,
all of my coursemate will wear baju in one particular color,
and we will combine it all untuk jadi satu pelangi yang indah...

this semester,
kitaorang selalu planned what we should wear
before this we had,
Traditional Day where all of us wore baju kurung and kebaya except for ratha and haffiz
the only two guys in our course,

then i planned,
how about a Rainbow Day?
walaupun penang tak hujan this few days, there's nothing wrong to become a rainbow kan??

semua dah pilih color memasing,
and i'll wear kuning sepenuhnya,

whati learnedtoday: i learned that guys usually had just one major color in their wardrobe, guess what?? it's "black". and its quite difficult to ask them to think which colors in rainbow that they want to wear, because they dont have that colorful wardrobe.. but thanks ratha and hafiz for your cooperation dude, i appreciated it soooo... they both chose red and blue :)

*cant wait for a cam~whoring session tomorrow
**to all ELSers, u guys real hOt!!!

Its our final year here, maybe next year, we cant meet each other again because all of us akan jadi grown-up yang maybe too busy (haha, konon-konon).. sooo we will cherish each day possible :) 

we will share memories together,
soo that we had something to talk about,
in future,hehe



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